9 Things You Didn’t Know About Ronaldinho

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Ronaldinho

1.) He once only had $7 in his bank account, Ronaldinho was found guilty of illegally building a house resulting in $2.2M fine. As he still hadn’t paid it the court decided to get the money itself but surprise. Ronaldinho didn’t have more than $7 in his bank account.

2.) He lied to his teammates to beat Real Madrid. Before el clasico Ronaldinho called each of his teammates one by one. He told them that he was going to sign for Real Madrid and that it was a secret. On match day the Brazilian spoke to the whole squad. Ronaldinho played the game of his life and Barca won 3-0.

I called all of you to tell you that I was going to leave, and you all kept that secret. Now I know that we are a family. I’m going to stay here for a long time. So, now, let’s teach Real Madrid a lesson! – Ronaldinho.

3.) 23 goals scored in a single game. He’s named Ronaldo but during his youth team days he was nicknamed Ronaldinho which means little Ronaldo. Because he was smaller and younger than the other kids. Small in age and size but big in talent. In 1993 he helped his youth team win 23:0 by scoring all 23 of the goals.

4.) The first to reach a million views on YouTube. In 2005 Nike launched a Joga Bonito campaign with Ronaldinho. A massive hit it’s the first video in history to reach a million views on YouTube.

5.) Ronaldinho was applauded by Real Madrid fans. In 2005 FC Barcelona destroyed Real Madrid on the pitch of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Ronaldinho was the driving force behind this 3:0 victory. He didn’t get booed after his second goal. Instead the entire Madrid stadium gave him a standing ovation. Other than Maradonna he’s the only other player to receive this treatment.

6.) He won all the major trophies. His trophy cabinet is truly exceptional World Cup, Confederations Cup, Copa America, UEFA Champions League, Copa Libertadores and Ballon d’Or. He’s the only player in history to have won all six of these major trophies.

7.) Aborted transfers to the Premier League. In 2003 Ronaldinho was supposed to sign for Manchester United and replace David Beckham. But the Brazilian had promised Sandro Rosell that if he was elected president of FC Barcelona he would sign for Barca. Rosell was selected and Ronnie kept his word. He also nearly signed for Leicester City in January 2016 but he decided to go and have fun at the Rio Carnival instead.

8.) He lent his image to condoms. The Brazilian who loved to have sex before the games, lent his image to a brand of condoms. When he played for Atletico Mineiro his club formed a partnership with the brand sex-free. The club’s logo and Ronaldinho appeared on their boxes.

9.) Coca Cola dropped him. Ronaldinho was a brand ambassador for Coca Cola. Earning $750k a year but the contract was terminated in 2012 because Ronaldinho was caught drinking Pepsi during a press conference. A story which perfectly sums up Ronaldinho unpredictable and charm.

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