Andrea Pirlo The Coolest Player Ever

Andrea Pirlo The Coolest Player Ever

Andrea Pirlo is the man who has won the World Cup, two UEFA Champions Leagues, and four Serie A titles with Milan and Juventus. Andrea Pirlo is more than just a player, he is a cool man.

From the UEFA Champions League to the World Cup everyone knows Andrea Pirlo record and everyone knows that he’s played for Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus Turin but a few people are aware of his fascinating personality.

His incredible qualities have helped pillow to succeed on the pitch. When Andrea Pirlo got the ball it seems like time is suspended. But his opponents are moving in slow motion but this calmness also serves Pirlo well off the veil.

In 2006 Italy was preparing to play the World Cup final against France. But Pirlo spent his day playing his Playstation as though he had not a care in the world. As if July 9th 2006 was just a Sunday like any other. In an interview on the subject he stated.

I was really excited about the final, of course, but I wanted to take it easy. Approach it, calmly.

It’s the perfect example of who the man is and who he’s always been. When Andrea Pirlo was just 14 a recruiter in Brescia asked if he thought he was any good. Young Pirlo responded:

I’m the best in the world on my position.

Andrea Pirlo & Paolo Maldini

Later on he proved it decisively in some of the world’s biggest competitions. In 2012 in the EURO 1/4 finals against England Italy was up to 2-1 in a shootout. Andrea Pirlo tried a Panenka and succeeded his calm confidence and talent helped Italy to triumph during the competition.

My Panenka shot was mostly a way to put pressure on the next English shooter. And, in the end, it worked: Ashley Young missed his shot on goal after me!

But Pirlo himself never seems to feel any pressure. Gennaro Gattuso his teammate at AC Milan would say the same!

Andrea seems like a very sensitive guy, but in reality, and with all respect to his mother. He’s is a real son of a b**** and a prankster! One day while we were all eating together, I left my phone on the table. And he sent a message to the president of Milan, offering him my sister!

Just another story which proves Andrea Pirlo is one of the coolest players ever. He summed up his philosophy in an interview.

I would say that you’ve got to take life easily, not get too caught up. Actually, you’ve just got to enjoy life. That’s it!

So there you have how to become cool like Pirlo!

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