Bayern’s 19 Alphonso Davies | Living His Dream

Bayern’s 19 Alphonso Davies | Living His Dream

The FC Bayern has transferred a 17-year-old from the MLS for rumored 13 million euros. For a young player who is so gifted as Alphonso Davies. You have to spend a lot of money says Robert Kovac.

If you ask friends, acquaintances, or teammates in Vancouver what they appreciate about Davies, it is not unusual to hear the word “humility.” “He does not let you know he’s such a great footballer,” one of his closest friends said recently in an interview with CBC Canada. Davies keep things simple, do not need extra attention, and he is very humble.

“I know where I come from, where my parents come from,” 17-year-old Davies explains his humility in dealing with the hype in Canada and the US that has erupted around him since his MLS debut in 2016. He says that in a calm, very reflective but no less definite tone.

He likes to laugh, be a funny guy and try not to take things too seriously, because life is “too short to be angry at anything”. Davies knows what he’s talking about, and when he says he knows where he and his family come from, it’s not a empty phrase.

Alphonso Davies: Civil War Refugee And Exceptional Talent

Life on the run from childhood on shaped him. His parents left shortly before his birth from Liberia. “We just could not stand it there anymore – to survive there you had to carry a gun, we didn’t want to stay, so we decided to escape,” says his father Debeah about the time in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia.

Davies was born in a refugee camp in Ghana. No food, no clothes, “his mother Victoria recalls of her son’s first five years of life, which she compares to living in a container:” They shut you in and out you do not really have a chance to get out there. ”

Davies Vancouver Whitecaps FC

In 2005, however, there was a possibility and the family arrived via Windsor, Ontario to Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. It all started there, says Davies. On the pitch of the Edmonton Strikers, of which Davies lived only two blocks away, and in the school of St. Nicholas High School, where today hangs a giant portrait of the youngster, next to the school motto: “Protect this House!”

At the age of thirteen, he appeared in a trial session with the Vancouver Whitecaps, as his high school had maintained a good relationship with the MLS club for years. “It was okay,” recalls Craig Dalrymple, technical director of junior talent development, “but it was not like we were thinking, ‘We really need to take him now.'” He simply was not ready then.

Alphonso Davies At The Whitecaps: Youngest Professional In MLS History

A year later, that changed. The Whitecaps, whose name refers to the snow-capped peaks of the northern North Shore Mountains and the frothy waves of the Pacific Ocean to the west, could not wait any longer.

But the nearly 1160-kilometer distance between Vancouver and Edmonton worried mother Victoria. She let Davies go only when he promised to stay the same, person, and not become a “bad boy,” as his mother said it. “That was the deal,” says Davies in retrospect.

From then on things had gone so fast. In February 2016, he signed his first professional contract and was introduced in the second team of Whitecaps to the MLS team. Five months later he made his debut against Orlando City. When he came in, he shivered all over his body, saying, “I was so nervous and almost shocked that he (Carl Robinson, Whitecaps coach) actually got me.”

Davies Scoring His First Goal For Vancouver Whitecaps

In his first two seasons Davies had to get used to the North American professional league. Coach Carl Robinson gave vent to his development and brought him only sometimes from beginning. Davies, who can play both left and right winger, contributed two assists in 34 games.

The first matchday of the 2018 season he finally made it. In the Whitecaps 2:1 win over Montreal Impact, Davies became the match winner with a goal and a assist. Since then it runs like clockwork for him (3 goals, 6 assists). 138 times Davies went in this season in offensive duels and won 90 of them. A top score in the MLS. He scored a glorious goal against DC United from distance.

Alphonso Davies Moved To Bayern: Bayern And The Renato Sanches Problem

Previously, the most recent national player in the history of Canada had aroused the interest of numerous top clubs. But Davies was not very interested in that, because others were supposed to take care of the business.

Davies just wants to do what he loves: standing on the pitch. Therefore, his agent was primarily concerned with the discussions regarding a possible change. “If he has something for me that might be of interest, he’ll let me know,” Davies recently told CBC Canada.

That’s what his agent obviously did when FC Bayern made an offer to him and the Whitecaps. 13 million euros, the German record champion offered for Davies. “Alphonso already has great skills and was on the list by many top clubs”, Bayern’s sports director Hasan Salihamidzic justified the transfer. Coach Kovac told Davies “a great future ahead”.

Alphonso Davies And Hasan Salihamidzic “Brazzo”

Such words are heard at the Säbener road last 2016. At that time, it was Pep Guardiola, who predicted Renato Sanches, who had just signed up for 35 million euros, a “great future”. The past two years in the case of Sanches have shown how difficult it can be for a prospect in Munich. The path from the child prodigy to the problem child is just a short one at FC BAyern.

Bayern And The Purchased Young Talents: More Flop Than Top

Although the first impressions confirm that the shape curve at Sanches after a catastrophic loan to Swansea City back up. But the recent history shows that FC Bayern is not the ideal place for development. The names Breno (12 million euros) or Sinan Kurt (3 million euros) are examples of bad investments in U21 players.

In recent years, only Joshua Kimmich and Kingsley Coman could prevail. Coman is likely to be the biggest competitor for Alphonso Davies position in the future. In general, the future is the right keyword. It’s the end of the Robbery era at Bayern.

A for his signing Davies is, fast and technically strong and only 17 year old. Davies is a player for the first team says Robert Kovac. Statements such as these indicate that Davies is not scheduled for the U23. However, Davies will have a very different environment and a much higher level than in North America, which could possibly take away his often-praised lightness sooner than

Arjen Robben & Alphonso Davies

And while the transfer of one of the most promising MLS talents during a US promotional trip seems a bit calculated, Davies has this relatively large price tag and expectations. Bayern decided to buy a prospect even though they could have bought a more expensive player.

Instead, the Bayern bosses decided for the boy with the maple leaf on his chest, which is still in the middle of the development and has not rudimentally moved to Bundesliga-like level. Under Kovac Davies will get his minutes. However, he will have to prove himself in front of the critical Bayern fans.

The heightened expectations are already normal to Alphonso Davies. At the World Cup 2026 in Canada, he will be the face of the host country and star of the tournament. But as already said: the way from the wonder to the problem child is short – and not only in Munich.

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