Icardi The Biggest Betrayer In Football History

Icardi The Biggest Betrayer In Football History

It's the biggest betrayal in football history. Once best friends, Mauro Icardi and Maxi Lopez are now enemies because Icardi stole his wife!

It’s probably the biggest betrayal in football history. In 2010 Icardi and Maxi Lopez became friends at Sampdoria Genua. But one day their friendship was torn apart. What happen was that Icardi stole his team mates wife.

The day before I left for a friendly tour in the US, I got a message from Wanda. I was surprised because I usually spoke with Maxi, not with her. She asked me if I could buy a new iPad in the US. That episode, however made me think. Did Wanda really want that tablet or was she seeking an excuse to get in touch with me ?

From that moment Icardi seemed to be ready to betray his friend. When Icardi came back to Milan one of the first things he did was to get reacquainted with Wanda. The iPad was the perfect excuse. Even before his betrayal, Icardi behaved inappropriately towards Maxi Lopez. After time he didn’t exactly have good attentions. But the worse was yet to come.

We texted many times and it was at that time that we started to talk about us. She texted: Mauro, Maxi and I are going for a ride to the Aeolian Island with Gonzalo Bergessio and his wife. Why don’t you come with us? Of course I wanted to! So I went.

But if you play with fire you get burned.

While I was alone on the second floor of the boat, lying on the couch and listening to a bit of reggae, Wanda all of a sudden came and sat beside me. Without any embarrassment

A blessing to Mauro who didn’t hesitate to make a move.

At that time, her relationship with Maxi Lopez was ending. I understood …

After getting together with Wanda. Icardi continued to be provocative, he posted pictures on social media and he even got a tattoo of Maxi Lopez kids with the message “I love these three little angels”. Icardi’s behavior made Maxi Lopez furious.

I told him to stop! I can understand that as a public figure, we can publish photos. But it bothers me when my kids appear in them.

Two years later Icardi and Lopez found themselves on the pitch as opponents. With a smile on his face Icardi tried to greet his former friend. But Maxi Lopez refused to shake his hand.

The two former friends haven’t spoken to each other since the betrayal was committed and they probably never will.

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