Joao Felix The 4th Most Expensive Player In History

Joao Felix The 4th Most Expensive Player In History

Joao Felix is the most expensive signing in Atletico Madrid’s history $142M not bad for a kid who was once told he was too small to be a footballer. So is he worth it, is Joao Felix the next Cristiano Ronaldo ?

Not at all he is not fast he doesn’t have a powerful shot. Then why was every big team after him. Joao Felix is an attacking midfielder who can play as a second striker on the right side. He is a connector, the final link in Atletico’s attack.

Felix plays just behind the number 9 and makes use of his incredible vision to find openings in between the opposition’s lines. His ball control is superb and his first time passes are a joy to watch.

He is a goal treat on and off the ball, when he gets into the final third he prefers to look for a through ball that leaves his strikers free. He delivered 11 assists in his first season but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a gaol scorer.

During the 2018/2019 season he scored 23 goals for Benfica Lisbon. Joao Felix is lethal inside the box and his finishing is admired by everyone. Joao Felix can ship it over the goal keeper, time a well-place shot next to a post and even head it in after losing his markers.

João Felix is a smart player that makes the most out of his technical skills with both feet. His vision to find spaces and teammates and his imagination. His creativity has gained him comparison to Portuguese legend Manuel Rui Costa.

The ex-footballer from AC Milan was a classical midfielder maestro. While Felix is part of a new generation, the new number 10 who roam between the midfielders and attackers and make the final decision in attacking moves. João Felix was born in November 1999 in the town of Viseu.

He started playing in FC Porto’s Academy from the age of seven making a round trip of 150 miles every day. When he was 13 he had to make a decision, FC Porto wanted him to move to the Academy permanently.

Papa, I don’t want to stay. I want to go home. I can’t do this.

His father told him to stay the night and if he felt the same way in the morning. He would pick him up. João Felix chose to stay but life at Porto wasn’t a happy one. His coaches didn’t believe in him because of his size and would regularly take him of the field.

He had no confidence, he lost his joy so he did the unthinkable and joined FC Porto’s rivals Benfica Lisbon. At Benfica Joao Felix rediscovered his love of the game. When he was 15 years old he was already playing with the B team.

And 29 games later he was promoted to the first team. He made his UEFA Champions League debut soon after and announced himself to Europe by becoming the youngest hat-trick scorer in Europa League history against Eintracht Frankfurt.

He played one season for Benfica winning the Portuguese title and has now packed his bags and is moving to Madrid. Once a small prospect he outsmarted everyone on his way to the top. Everyone thinks $142M is crazy for a young player of his age. But this signing might finally become a bargain for Atletico Madrid and Diego Simeone.

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