Robinho The Star That Never Took Off

Robinho The Star That Never Took Off

Brazil thought they found the new Pele, Robson de Souza commonly known as Robinho. He was an incredible dribbler and gifted with extraordinary speed. His technique was comparable to Ronaldinho’s, his flair for the dramatic reminded us of Ronaldo.

But this great talent was destroyed by his immaturity and criminal affairs of the field. His early career was similar to that of the great Pele.

Robinho can surpass my own achievements. We have to thank god that another Pele has landed at Santos – Pele.

This praise came from the god of football himself. But Brazil and Santos quickly became to restrictive for him. So he left to conquer Europe at 20, but he had no idea what was coming.

Real Madrid, Manchester City, AC Milan the best clubs wanted the future best player in the world. In 2005 Robinho chose the most prestigious Real Madrid. Crossing the Atlantic was a turning point in the Brazilian prodigies life.

He showed flashes of brilliance and even though Robinho was capable of the best, he was also capable of the worst. To inconsistent he was gradually left on the bench. In 2008, Robinho wanted to make a comeback Pele 2.0 flew to England.

Robinho stayed true to himself he enchanted fans on the English fields but his inconsistency annoyed them. Just as much as the professional mistake he made when he arrived.

The Brazilian said he owed a lot to the Chelsea fans and thanked them for their persistence during his official presentation, the problem was he signed with Manchester City.

English football fans are very proud and all of these events combined put him out of favor and their discontent affected him greatly. But the worst was yet to come.

News of a non-sporting incident came out the 26 year old Brazilian was accused of rape by a young woman. The case was closed due to lack of evidence but the damage was already done. The player stayed six months at a time in Santos on loan.

Robinho wanted to give himself and his career a fresh start by returning to his country. He was finally transferred to AC Milan 2010. Brilliant at first. He was quickly forgotten until a new rape case under the same circumstances emerged.

This time the court sentenced him to nine years in prison with no remission. He was in Brazil at the moment of the sentencing which protected him from prison.

Because they prohibit the extradition of citizens it was a final gift from the football gods. While the world grieved over their young stars fall from grace.

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