The Downfall Of El Shaarawy

The Downfall Of El Shaarawy

He had the potential to become one of best strikers in the world. Unfortunately Stephan El Shaarawy is a long way from having the incredible career that he promised. What’s worse he decided to go to China where he undoubtedly fade into irrelevance. Fast, technical, nimble in youth football the Italian of Egyptian heritage demonstrated incredible ability.

El Shaarawy was so good that FC Genoa brought him to Italy when he was just 16 years and 55 days old. Much to the excitement of Italy and the rest of Europe were interested in loaning this young star who impressed all the scouts with his precociousness. In 2011 the inevitable occurred El Shaarawy left his family home and joined AC Milan for $17M.

This less than excessive sum was down to a wise financial arrangement on the lawns part. Regardless El Shaarawy landed as the next big thing he had an excellent start there. He scored his first goal on his fourth day in Serie A, a few months later the striker scored in the UEFA Champions League at just 19 years and 342 days. A significant feat as he became the club’s youngest scorer in this competition and we don’t need to remind you how rich AC Milan’s history is.

The departures of Zlatan Ibrhimovic and Antonio Cassano as well as Alexandre Pato his recurring injuries worked in his favor. While he was very young he became the starting striker for AC Milan, his first call up for Italy’s national team in 2012 was the cherry on the cake. A shame for Egypt who are trying to convince him to play for the Pharaohs.

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Sadly this period coincided with the beginning of El Shaarawy troubles. A certain Mario Balotelli is partly to blame. Super Mario side with AC Milan for 4,5 years and a check worth $26M. El Shaarawy didn’t know it yet but this transfer lead to his downfall. He’s unstoppable decline, Balotelli was hyper motivated and left nothing for his competition.

El Shaarawy might be talented but Mario Balotelli was in another league. Aware that a player like him need game time to progress, FC Barcelona and SSC Napoli tried to sign him but AC Milan refused. Unfortunately the problems didn’t stop there Stephen El Shaarawy was hit with a terrible curse. He was always injured his Club lost patience and decided to loan him to AS Monaco in 2015 to help him refine his form.

A massive failure Stephan El Shaarawy was finally sold to AS Roma in 2016 for $15M. And to think he could have gone to FC Barcelona for a fortune. He had three very average years in Rome. El Shaarawy had one or two standout moments but he didn’t live up to expectations. This was proved by the Italians decisions to move to China in 2019.

An unfortunate career choice which shows the players resignation. He has clearly sacrificed his career to build his fortune. This from the very same El Shaarawy who had all it takes to reach the top of the game. Don’t you think it’s such a waste ?

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