The Incredible Journey Of Carlos Tevez

The Incredible Journey Of Carlos Tevez

Carlos Tevez once said “without football, I would have ended up like a lot of kids in my neighborhood. I would be dead, in jail or drugged up somewhere on the street”. His words sum up perfectly the Argentine’s life when he was only five, he witnessed the assassination of his own father by a gang a devastating event. Which plunged Carlos Tevez mother into deep depression. She fell into drugs and was unable to take care of her son “Carlito”. Carlos Tevez fought against his own anxiety I was terrified of being kidnapped.

I wasn’t allowed to go out alone it was too dangerous. At night we could hear gunshots, screams, crying. And in the morning there were often bodies on the walk to school.

In addition to a chaotic family life Tevez suffered two serious accidents when he was six he took boiling water to the face the result was a massive scar from his ears to his chest, still visible today. Just a few months later he suffered another serious injury, when his jaw was broken by his sister’s swing. From that moment Carlos became a kid with an atypical face but these two events allowed him to become stronger and to become who he is today.

My scars are testimony to my former life he explains. Tevez armed with an unrivaled strong will found his life’s calling in football. At eight years old he joined Club Atletico All Boys and quickly gained the attention of Boca Juniors. With his sparkling athleticism he joined the team at the age of 14. Unfortunately another tragedy was coming for Carlos Tevez, his best friend Dario Coronel died by suicide at just 17 to escape prison. It was a tragic event that would reinforced Tevez will to succeed in football.

He became just a completely different kid. He worked really hard on his skills and was just really driven. He never missed a single practice.

Carlos Tevez hard work paid off, he made it to West Ham United and the Premier League. He then transferred to Manchester United where he became a star in football. He was skilled, athletic, powerful and tough the “Apache” was an incredible advantage for the Red Devils. But the kids from the slums has been sometimes unpredictable. After two years at Man United Carlos Tevez left for Manchester City. With his move he devastated his fans although he earned a lot of money. How can you hold this against someone who suffered so much as a kid ?

The rest of his career has been similarly unusual, his passion for football brought him back briefly to Boca Juniors. His drive for money sent him to China for a year. That’s Tevez a passionate player who never forgets where he comes from. A man who cares about money after everything he went through as a child. Fortunately football has allowed him to make a name and a path for himself. Which has been good for Carlos Tevez and good for Football.

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