What Happened To Fabio Paim A Tragedy

What Happened To Fabio Paim A Tragedy

“If you think I’m good wait until you see him play!”. Who was CR7 talking about when he was 20 ? Not Messi, or Neymar, but his compatriot Fabio Paim. Paim was one of Europe’s biggest talents in 2010. Man United, Barca and Real Madrid were watching him closely.

But problems on off the pitch ruined his career. In 2015, Fabio Paim was arrested by the Portuguese police! He was accused of rape by a 20-year-old woman. Many scouts started to ask the question how did such a promising player fall so far?

Fabio Paim comes from a rough area in Portugal. He joined Sporting when he was 13 and stood above the rest. His former coach Aurélio Pereira has not forgotten his talent “All the big European clubs wanted to sign him”. All this success went to the player’s head.

He was obsessed with one thing: spending money.  Fabio Paim said; “Jorge Mendes often warned me but I didn’t listen”. Still, Mendes gave very good advice to CR7 . Paim went on loan to Chelsea in 2007 and thought he’d made it. But yet again his habits took over.

Despite Drogba’s support, he only spent 4 months in England. Fabio Paim “I treated football like a hobby not a profession”. In 2010, Sporting grew tired of Paim’s immature attitude. The club gave up and cancelled the player’s contract. Convinced of his talent, Paim tried his luck in 7 countries Qatar, China, Brazil, Luxembourg, Angola, Malta and England.

Unfortunately his obsession with money took over every time. Once back in Portugal, he fell into a life of crime. He was accused of rape and drug dealing multiple times. Bankrupt and with legal issues, Paim admitted his mistake. He said “I might have been as good as CR7, but he had something I didn’t”. Fabio Paim should have dazzled crowds in huge stadiums. But he’ll remain a player who few got to see shine.

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