Why Did Coutinho Put Holes In His Shoes ?

Why Did Coutinho Put Holes In His Shoes ?

Coutinho has been the flop of the season and all because he has holes in his shoes. Holy joking but we are going to explain why he put holes in the back of his boot when he played for Liverpool FC. Player all have their own habits Kyle Walker puts small holes in his socks, Jack Grealish wears his completely ruined lucky boots, Luis Suarez bites his opponents we don’t exactly know why, Sergio Ramos has his card selection yellow red and John Terry forms close relationships with all his teammates girlfriends you get it.

In any case Coutinho secret is that he puts holes in his boots. Everyone agrees this only started when he was playing for LFC. The Brazilian came onto the pitch wearing a rather odd pair of shoes with a huge hole in the back of one them. But why Coutinho ?

In reality there is a simple explanation. The Brazilian was suffering from blisters on his heel.  The pressure from the boot on the blisters was particularly painful when the player rang. Coutinho a radical decision to deal with his unbelievable pain. He cupped these huge holes which is reminiscent of Mats Hummels in 2017. He cut holes in the front of his boots, because his toes were in such pain they had gone blue.

For Coutinho this strange technique which he used at Liverpool coincided with his best period playing for the Reds. In 2017 wearing the Liverpool jersey he was walking on water. But his hot streak quickly came to an end. Coutinho pushed to leave Liverpool and joined FC Barcelona

He wanted wanted to play for one of the big two big Spanish teams. We tried to convince him the club was going in a good direction. And that he was able to have amazing experiences in the Champions League if he stayed at Liverpool. But he decided to leave. – Tom Werner, Liverpool’s President, Marca, June 2019

A catastrophic decision for him.But magical for Liverpool who used his transfer fee to buy Virgil Van Dijk and Alisson Becker. This duo were vital in their UEFA Champions League title runner. Coutinho who’s been ineffective at FC Barcelona left the club and joined FC Bayern Munich on loan. Will he rediscover his best form in Munich ? He might regret leaving Liverpool now a word of advice, Phillipe maybe try putting holes in your boots at FC Bayern Munich.


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