Why did Edgar Davids Wear Glasses ?

Why did Edgar Davids Wear Glasses ?

Everybody remembers Edgar Davids and his glasses on European grounds. But, why did Davids wear glasses while playing on the pitch ? The official version of this appearance of glasses when he played started in 1999, Edgar Davids began wearing protective glasses, following surgery in his right eye caused by glaucoma, which developed in 1995 following eye injuries.

A Champions League winner in 1995 Edgar Davids was a seriously talented football player he was constantly evolving but one thing almost derailed his career brutally. In 1999 Edgar Davids had to finally admit the obvious he would have to put football on pause for an eye operation unfortunately David suffers from glaucoma it’s a disease caused by an increase in eye pressure which affects the optic nerve and a person’s vision.

This nerve is essential football player because it’s what sends visual information to your brain. The dutch people asked would Davids be able to recover his vision and his exceptional football skills. He would since doctors had diagnosed him early Edgar Davids was able to receive excellent treatment his vision was stabilized.

Edgar Davids

But his eyes remained weak to return to competition there was only one solution wearing glasses. Which is how Davids transformed a challenge into a fashion accessory black glasses, orange glasses and yellow glasses. Edgar Davids turned his handicap into an icon of fashion already admired for his warrior mentality “The Pitbull” became his fans absolute Idol.

His star shone brighter and brighter with Juventus Turin but then Davids saw his reputation take a turn for the worse. A fight broke out between the player and his coach Marcello Lippi. The Dutchman was forced to leave the team. He was transferred to FC Barcelona where he balanced out the team and made Ronaldinho available for defense in  18 matches Edgar Davids didn’t lose once.

His trainer at the time Frank Rijkaard was completely under his spell he wanted to keep him no matter what. But Davids was expensive which posed a problem for the directors of FC Barcelona he was sold to Tottenham Hotspurs before returning to his home country to Ajax Amsterdam. In addition to a fabulous career Edgar Davids made an impression on football with his unique handicap and he’s still today one of the most stylish players the football world has ever seen.

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