Why Is Antoine Griezmann Always Wearing A Long Sleeved Jersey ?

Why Is Antoine Griezmann Always Wearing A Long Sleeved Jersey ?

So you think you know Antoine Griezmann but do you know why he always wears long sleeves ? Come rain or sun shine Antoine Griezmann never leaves his forearms uncovered. Coincidence? definitely not!

Like Francesco Totti with his rolled down socks, Griezmann is easily recognizable by his long sleeves. Whether it’s with Real Sociedad, with the French team, with Atletico Madrid or with FC Barcelona. Griezmann always wears long sleeves a style choice which has a single unique explanation David Beckham!

Griezmann is such a fan of the English spice boy, that he’s taken inspiration from his style. David Beckham wore long sleeve shirts so Griezmann does too. David Beckham wore the number 7 so Griezmann will never part with his.

I wear long sleeves because he used to, I chose the number 7 because he did, I’m a huge fan of him – Antoine Griezmann.

More than his gameplay it’s the style and attitude of David Beckham. Which charmed the Barca player. Antoine Griezmann said once in an interview; he was classy on the pitch. And off it, he’s always clean, well dressed, well groomed.

I remember him at the 2012 Olympics in London. He arrived on a boat and his hair didn’t move one bit! I’m such a fan.

The Frenchman has not only adopted the same clothing as David Beckham he’s even had similar hairstyles. Tied back hair, short hair or shaved he had the the same hair styles like his idol David Beckham.

I often like to change my look! Have there been any faux pas? Yes, one time I wanted the same cut as David Beckham with the hair on one side. But it took too long to grow out. I had to cut it, I wasn’t going to wait six months!

Antoine Griezmann is like a David Beckham cosplayer but off-the-field Griezmann doesn’t have the same fashion as Beckham. The striker is an NBA fan and has more of a street style than the former midfielder. It’s not a common sight to see Griezmann wearing three-piece suit even if Antoin Griezmann has a different look his idol is a fan.

I love the way he plays, he has real talent. He’s one of the best in the world at the moment. We’ve already met; he’s a lovely guy, very humble, pretty face. And I love his look! – David Beckham

Beckham’s respect proves one thing Griezmann is among the best players in the world on and off the field!

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